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What Happens When My Child Receives Dilating Eye Drops?

Learn all about dilating eye drops and their side effects.

Learn all about dilating eye drops and their side effects.

Having liquid dropped or sprayed into your eye isn’t the most pleasant experience, but it is sometimes it essential in ensuring healthy eyes.  Dilating eye drops used are during eye exams or procedures to enlarge the pupil of the eye.  There are two types of drops that are usually used in combination with each other.  One drop contracts the muscles in the eyes that enlarge the pupil and the other relaxes the eye muscle cause the pupil to constrict and lens to focus.  

When Would I Need Drops?

Dilating eye drops are an essential part of some eye examinations and allow the doctor to diagnose and treat any diseases.  The drop relaxes the muscles in the eye which lets the doctor get an accurate measurement if a child needs glasses.  Eye doctor use dilating eye drops to treat common eye problems in children such as amblyopia and inflammation.  It is critical that your child goes in for an eye exam at an early age so that any problems can be detected and treated promptly.  

Side Effects

The side effects of dilating eye drops can last anywhere from 4 to 24 hours depending on the strength of the medication and upon the individual.  Since children require stronger drops than adults for a doctor to measure refractive error, a child’s eyes can stay dilated for longer than 24 hours.  Common side effects of dilating eye drops are light sensitivity and blurry vision, which will subside throughout the day.  It is helpful to have your child wear sunglasses outside after their eye exam.  If your child is returning to school, let their teacher know that their vision will be blurry while reading.  Allergic reactions are rare with dilating eye drops but usually, consist of lid swelling and red eyes.  Consult with a doctor of the side effects and ingredients in the drops during your exam.

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