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3 Eye Safety Tips For Your Home

Learn how to keep your child's eyes safe at home.

Learn how to keep your child’s eyes safe at home.

There is always a risk for an eye injury when it comes to your children especially when they are in the home.  Depending on the set up of your home and the specific items, your place of living can be a danger to your child’s eye health.  When you have children, you need to be cautious about protecting your child and making sure their eyes are protected from safety hazards.  Luckily, there are few eye safety tips you should follow so your child is happy and healthy.

Bathroom and Kitchen

Each bathroom in your home and your kitchen have the potential to threaten your child’s eye health.  Each room tends to  store chemical cleaning products that could severely harm your child if they were to get ahold of them.  It is critical that you put liquids such as detergents, cleaning supplies, and alcohol based products out your child’s reach or locked in a cabinet.  When your children are in the kitchen, make sure they are not running around or playing with any fork or knives.


These two areas can be severely dangerous to your children because homeowners tend to store tools in either their basement or garage.  Make sure to store all screwdrivers, nails, and other tools out of your child’s reach and locked away.  When you are working with power tools, make sure your children are far away from that space.  It is wise to always wear eye protection when working on projects so that you can set a good example for your children.


If you happen to have a backyard, it is critical that your children are safe at all time when they play outdoors.  Make sure they are wearing the correct eye protection when playing any type of contact sports.  The professionals are Pediatric Eye Care of Maryland can match your child with the right eye gear for their specific sport.

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