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Children’s Eyeglasses

Our optical shop, Young Eyes Optical, is made up of a very experienced and knowledgeable staff when it comes to fitting children with glasses. Our opticians can of course help any adult find a great, stylish  pair of glasses.  But what makes them so impressive is their ability to get a proper pair of glasses on a 2 year old, on a child with strabismus that may need a bifocal, on a child who may have a slightly different nasal bridge (such as in Down syndrome), or even an older child who may just be upset about needing glasses.

We have 4 convenient locations in Baltimore, Westminster, and Clarksville, and we are the only multi-location private practice with multiple MDs on staff in the greater Baltimore area. We offer convenient evening and weekend appointments to accommodate any schedule.

We believe in providing exceptional service to all children in our care. Our team of opticians have the skills and experience needed to make eyeglass fittings an enjoyable experience for your child. We have created a warm and welcoming environment where we build relationships and trust with children so that they will never fear a visit to the eye doctor.

Eyeglasses fitting

Your child’s doctor will tell you if your child needs glasses and why.  The main reason a young child will need to wear glasses is to treat or avoid amblyopia (link) or to help straighten the eyes. A small amount of myopia (nearsightednes) or hyperopia (farsightedness) in a young child is often safe to watch, but in an older child might warrant glasses to make schoolwork easier. We can fit, craft, and monitor your child’s eyeglasses to ensure they receive the perfect pair. Once a comprehensive examination has been completed, your child will be carefully fitted to ensure that the proper pair of glasses is chosen and sized for their needs. Our Young Eyes Optical shop provides a wide range of frames to choose from, and our opticians on staff have many years of experience in fitting children with the appropriate glasses. All of our eyeglasses are custom crafted and adhere to exacting specifications in order to ensure that your child receives the best fitting, most comfortable, and best looking pair of glasses possible.

We take a wide range of measurements to ensure the fit of your child’s eyeglasses is just right. We examine every child’s facial structure and characteristics and take precise measurements of the nasal bridge, length of the temple, and interpupillary distance. We use these measurements to craft a pair of glasses that is custom-made for your child to ensure the best fit.

We use only the finest materials possible for our lenses and they are crafted in our labs under precise tolerances. We can guarantee that your child’s prescription will be filled exactly as the doctor ordered. In addition, we offer our high-quality eyewear at competitive and affordable providers, and we are proud to offer the best replacement plan of any of our competitors. When you choose to have your child fitted for eyeglasses at Young Eyes Optical, you can ensure that your child will receive the perfect pair of glasses for their needs.