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Contact Lenses

Pediatric Eye Care of Maryland provides comprehensive eye care services to children of all ages as well as adults. In addition to eyeglasses, we are also able to offer contact lens examinations and fittings to clients in any one of our four locations in Westminster, Baltimore, and Clarksville.

We offer regular contact lens appointments at convenient hours to accommodate any schedule, including Saturdays, Sundays, and evenings.

Is my child a candidate for contact lenses?

Many parents wonder how old their child must be to qualify for contact lenses, and the general answer is that a twelve-year-old child is usually mature enough to handle contact lenses. However, we often have older teenagers or adults that we feel do not qualify for contacts, and on occasion will have a child younger than twelve that seems capable. It is important to be sure that your child is able to deal with the responsibility of contact lenses as they do require care and upkeep that is non-negotiable.

The transition to contact lenses can be tricky, which is why the staff at Pediatric Eye Care of Maryland provides a comprehensive step-by-step process to ensure that your child receives adequate instruction and monitoring. First, we schedule a contact lens examination and evaluation. This process is different from an eyeglasses examination, so even if your child’s vision has been recently evaluated for glasses, this step still applies. During the contact lens exam, the power, type, and size of contact lens will be determined and then your child will be properly fitted for their first pair. Once the appropriate pair has been chosen, we teach the patient on how to insert, remove, care for, and clean their new contact lenses. Follow up appointments may be recommended to ensure that your child is properly caring for their lenses, as misuse can lead to eye infections and vision problems. If any problems occur, our staff is available 24 hours a day to address the issue promptly.

With proper care, contact lenses are very safe and offer an excellent alternative to glasses.

Do you offer adult contact lenses as well?

Yes. We offer a wide variety of contact lens brands, and we can fit you for the perfect pair. If you have never worn contact lenses, our professional staff can also provide insertion, removal, and care instructions.