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3 Signs That Your Child Needs To Wear Glasses

Know the signs that your child might need glasses.

Know the signs that your child might need glasses.

There might come a time in your child’s life where their vision and eye health needs improvement.  If your child suffers from near or farsightedness, astigmatism, or a lazy eye, then glasses will likely be needed.  A comprehensive eye exam is the only way to truly identify what the issue with your child’s vision may be.   However, you should be able to know a few of the signs when there are problems with your child’s eyes.  Here are a few of the signs that your child is in need of glasses.


One of the major signs that your child needs glasses is if they squint to look at something whether it is far away and close-up.  Squinting is usually a sign that your child is suffering from a refractive error, which affects how well the eye focuses on an image.  When your child squints, it is temporarily improving their vision so that they can see an image clearer. Going to see an eye doctor will identify if they are near or farsighted.

Excessive Eye Rubbing

If your child is rubbing their eyes a lot, that may be a sign they are straining their eyes trying to look at an image. Glasses may be needed..  There are several other reasons your child might be rubbing their eyes , such as ocular allergy .

Sitting Too Close To The TV And Other Devices

Have you noticed that your child always sits very close to the TV or holds an electronic device close to their face while using it?  These are signs that your child might be nearsighted, which means that they see better at a close range compared to far away. Wearing glasses is often the best solution for your child if they are nearsighted.

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