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Eye Safety Tips While Playing Sports

It is vital to protect your little one's eyes while they play a sport.

It is vital to protect your little one’s eyes while they play a sport.

You are watching your child play in their championship volleyball and then all of a sudden the ball slams straight into their eye.  There is always the chance of getting injured while playing sports, so it is crucial to take the proper precautions.  According to the American Association for Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus, nearly 50 percent of all eye injuries happen while playing sports and many of those people are children.  It is important that you teach your children to protect their eyes while they are playing their chosen sport.  

Protective Eyewear Or A Mask

It is extremely important that your child wears protective eyewear such as goggles, while they are playing a sport or participating in any athletic activity.  Safety goggles are perfect for sports that consist of flying objects such as racquetball and basketball.  Polycarbonate lenses are the recommended material for safety glasses because they are ten times as impact resistant compared to other materials.  Although a sport doesn’t require contact, you should still wear protective eyewear or a helmet.  Baseball is the sport that causes the most sports related eye injuries in children from ages 5-14.  So it is crucial to protect your eyes when playing any type of sport.  

Your Glasses Are Not Enough

If you have to wear your regular glasses to see when playing a sport, then that is more of a reason to wear protective eyewear.  Glasses are at risk of being damaged when playing a sport and can easily fall off.  A safe alternative to glasses is wearing soft contact lenses then putting protective eyewear over them.  Do not wear sunglasses while playing a sport outside because they can cause severe damage to you if broken on contact.  If you are hit in the face with a ball while wearing sunglasses, shards of glasses can enter your eye and send you right to the emergency room.

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