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Halloween Eye Safety Tips

It is critical to keep your eyes safe this Halloween.

It is critical to keep your eyes safe this Halloween.

It is the beginning of October, which is the perfect time for you and your little ones to prepare your Halloween costumes.  The October 31st holiday allows for your whole family to be creative while going door to door for candy.  Although, it is very important to be cautious and fully aware when you go out trick-or-treating in your costumes.  October is Halloween Safety Month, so you need to protect yourself, especially your eyes, during the holiday.  There are several eye safety tips you and your whole family should be aware of this Halloween.

Be Selective With Contacts

Many people, from children to adults, wear colored contacts to complete their Halloween costume and to make themselves look “spooky” and scary.  Although, you have to be very cautious when choosing color contacts especially if they do not have a prescription.  If your child wants to wear contacts with their Halloween costume, goto an eye doctor first so they can fit a pair on your child.  The last thing you want is to purchase contacts from a website, and they damage your child’s vision.

Apply Makeup Correctly

Your child may want to wear makeup as apart of their costume to completely transform into a specific character.  It is important, however, to choose makeup that is safe for their skin and that it doesn’t get near their eyes.  Choose products that are hypoallergenic and make sure their makeup is dried fully, so they do not run into your child’s eyes.  Once your child is finished trick-or-treating, remove their makeup properly to avoid any irritation.

Keep A Flashlight Handy

An essential item your child should carry during Halloween is a flashlight, especially when it gets dark outside.  Your child will probably get excited going door to door for candy, so they need to see where they’re going.  You do want your child to trip and fall because they did not see a something in front of them.  

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