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Glasses For Kids: Signs Your Child May Need Prescription Lenses


Pediatric Eye Care will diagnose your child’s eye-sight issues and offer the best solutions.

As vision is a key factor in the healthy development of any young child, eye tests are critical when it comes to spotting vision issues proactively. While regular checkups in your doctor’s office and vision tests at school will keep track of your child’s vision, it is important to keep your eyes peeled for any telltale signs that it may be time to get them glasses for kids.  

Signs Your Child Is Having Eye Issues

Children, especially very young children, are not always able to express how they feel or what is wrong in an easily understandable way. Also, even if your child does have a more serious visual impairment, it is highly likely they may not even realize it, making your vigilance key in detecting any issues. If you notice your child exhibiting any of these symptoms or behaviors they can be a sign of vision problems.

  • Constantly rubbing their eyes
  • Difficulty focusing on or following moving objects with their eyes
  • Red or teary eyes
  • Trouble reading
  • Issues perceiving objects that are far away
  • Light sensitivity
  • Misalignment or unusual eye movements after 6 months
  • White pupils
  • Excessive squinting
  • Sitting abnormally close to the television  

Glasses For Kids Are An Option

Of course, when you notice any of these problems, it is important to call your pediatrician or family doctor right away. Depending on the presentation of symptoms and severity, they may wish to see your child first or refer them directly to a specialist. Untreated vision problems can lead to learning and social issues, and in many cases, a pair of glasses for kids can prevent all of this. It is important to be proactive about caring for your child’s eyes to make sure that they are as healthy and happy as possible.

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