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What Differing Pupil Size Tells You About Your Body


Uneven pupil size may be the sign of a more serious malady.

Have you ever looked in the mirror and noticed a slight unevenness about the eyes? There’s a subtle difference between them and you can’t exactly put your finger on it. If you bring your face closer to the mirror, you might find that one of your pupils is oddly differing in size from the other. Pupil size can change based on your emotions and the amount of lighting in the room. Whether your pupils are dilated or constricted pinpoints can tell you a lot about the body. This week, we’ll explore possible ailments that may be revealing themselves through changing pupil size, and offer you solutions for maintaining eye health.


The Pupil: Letting The Light In

The pupil is black circle in the center of the iris. With the ability to adjust to brightness, it controls the amount of light that passes through to the retina. The pupil will dilate to let more light in, or constrict to let less in. When light is too bright, your pupils will become smaller to protect the retina from damaging itself. Ever entered a dark room after being outside? Was it hard for you to see for a minute, but then got much easier after a while? This was because your pupils were constricted in bright light and had to slowly dilate in order to see the details of the dark room. Children, usually, have larger pupils.

What Can Pupil Size Tell You About Your Body?

In some cases, upon eye examination, your eye doctor could discover that your pupils are uneven. Referred to as Anisocoria, 20% of the population has a normal version of this ailment. However, Anisocoria can also be a sign of a more serious malady, such as optic nerve damage. Your optic nerve signal travels along the spinal cord, through the lungs, up the neck and through the brain. Any serious problems along this pathway could make themselves evident through uneven pupil size. Scheduling a vision test will help your optometrist diagnose possible eye complications.

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