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Should I Worry About My Child Developing Conjunctivitis?

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How much do you know about conjunctivitis?

When it comes to your child’s health, you want the best care available. So when you start to notice redness, blotchiness, or discharge around your little one’s eyes, it’s natural to start looking for answers.


Conjunctivitis sometimes called  “pink eye”, is any inflammation that involves the clear layer that covers the whole part of the eye. It can be caused by bacteria, viruses, chemicals and allergies. If due to a bacteria or virus, it can be highly contagious, and the symptoms range from minor discomfort to irritable pain. If your child has developed conjunctivitis, you may notice changes in the appearance of the eye or he or she may communicate with you symptoms including itching, irritation, or burning. The good news is that conjunctivitis is easily treated, and in most cases, your child will experience only minor discomfort.


Maintaining a hygienic lifestyle is the first way to combat conjunctivitis. Always wash your hands before touching your child’s eyes or face. Of course, with young kids sometimes they can get it even if you do everything right! If you or your child wear contact lenses, then hand washing and following the directions for your contacts is particularly important.

If your child is prone to allergic conjunctivitis, keep windows and doors closed on days when pollen is heavy. Dust and vacuum frequently to limit a number of pollen triggers in your home.


If left untreated, newborn conjunctivitis can lead to serious health complications down the road. It’s important to recognize the symptoms and have your baby treated as soon as possible. While mild conjunctivitis can be common in newborns, there are some more serious and rare types that are contracted from viruses and mothers with an STD. If you’re pregnant and aware of your STD, discuss possible solutions with your doctor in order to prevent passing it along to your baby.


If you suspect that your child has developed conjunctivitis, it’s important to contact your eye doctor so that he or she can determine what exactly is causing it. A minor case of conjunctivitis may not seem like an alarming ordeal, but only an eye doctor will be able to determine if it is conjunctivitis or another form of eye disease. Diagnosing the problem early will lead to a quicker recovery.

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