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How To Encourage Your Child To Wear Glasses

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What steps are you taking to encourage your child to wear his glasses?

Your child’s first pair of glasses can be an exciting and strange transition for you and your little one. Their first lenses are going to make an important difference in his or her ability to see and interact with their surroundings. The process of introducing your child to their new lenses can take a bit of practice, and we’ve compiled a few tips to make the transition simple and fun!

They’re New

Those lenses that your child is trying on for the first time may seem like another form of dress up; something he or she can take off and on. Your child can’t quite conceptualize that these glasses are necessary for their development, and there won’t be as much incentive to wear them unless you as the parent guide the way.

Be Positive and Encouraging

Your words and actions stick with your child. Encourage your child’s new frames. Throw a “new glasses” party, play a fun “glasses” related game as a way to make the new experience exciting for them.

Plan Fun Activities

If your child is a bit resistant to wearing new frames, suggest fun activities that get your child’s mind off of his or her glasses. Reading a favorite book or watching a favorite television show is a great way to prove the benefits of glasses. If your child notices how clear the characters in the books are, he or she will likely come to appreciate the new lifestyle even more. Sometimes, however, a child will not notice an obvious benefit, as when one eye sees fine without the glasses.  In this case, the fun activity can simply be as a reward to encourage wearing them.

Resist the Urge to Nag

Notice how you’re reminding your child to wear glasses. If you’re constantly reminding your child to wear their glasses in a negative way, he or she may think of the glasses as a chore. Do your best to help your child understand that wearing his or her glasses is a wonderful way to see the world more clearly.

Encourage the Routine

If your child’s eye doctor says the glasses are to be worn full time, this means they go on as part of getting dressed in the morning and come off at bedtime. Incorporate your child’s glasses into their daily routine. Designate a special spot where the glasses are put, such as near the sink for the case so your child notices the glasses while brushing his or her teeth.  Starting a habit is the perfect way for your child to wear his or her glasses consistently.

Make it Stylish!

Give your child some say in selecting his or her own lenses. Allow your child to determine a unique style. Make the selection process fun and try on a few different pairs. Let him or her see how exciting new lenses really can be.

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