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Tips For Children That Wear Contact Lenses

Learn how your children should use their contact lenses.

Learn how your children should use their contact lenses.

There are a variety of ways to correct vision problems in children, which often include purchasing a pair of eyeglasses.  Although, contact lenses are another option for children to wear to correct their vision issues which may include near or farsightedness.  The professionals at Pediatric Eye Care recommend that children of the age of twelve and older are usually mature enough to handle contact lenses.  It is crucial that your child knows how to insert contacts properly and is safe while doing so.  There a few simple tips you child should follow when they wear contact lenses.

Proper Hygiene is Key

When handling contact lenses, your child should practice proper hygiene techniques to ensure they avoid contracting an infection.  Before cleaning or inserting lenses, you should always wash your hands and dry them with a clean cloth.  Rinse and clean your contact with products only recommended by your eye care professional.  You should only wear your contact lense for the amount of time they were prescribed, and never wear anyone else’s lenses.  

Avoid Blinking

One of the most common problems children face with contact lenses is that they blink while trying to insert lenses in their eyes.  Blinking causes the contact lense to fold or drop before it makes contact with the cornea.  To avoid blinking while inserting contact lenses, try touching the white part of your eye without blinking.  Have your child try this by first washing their hands and then touching the white part of the soft part of their fingertips for a couple of seconds.  Once they have done this action several times without blinking, putting in contact lenses should be easy.

Stay Relaxed

It can be frustrating to put in contact lenses especially if you fail at inserting the lense the first couple of times.  Although, it is critical that you stay calm while your child inserts their contact lenses because they will reflect your behavior.  If you stay calm and help them, the process will go by smoothly.  

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