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What To Do When A Chalazion Appears

All you need to know about a chalazion

All you need to know about a chalazion.

Your child comes home from school and they come to hug you but you notice a small bump on their eyelid.  That bump may be classified as chalazion which can occur in multiple spots around the eyes.  There are several things to know when this untimely blemish occurs.

How is it Caused?

There are many glands that produce oil to soften the surface of the eye.  When these glands are blocked, oil is stalled in the gland and one or more small bumps will appear.  Make sure to not touch the bump when it appears, or an infection may take place.

Different Than A Stye

Often used interchangeably with chalazion, a stye is an infection of the oil gland in the eyelid.  It is essentially a small boil at the edge of the eyelid.  Even though a chalazion is not an infection, be careful if diagnosed with it because rupturing the bump can cause redness, swelling, and pain.

Treatment Options

Most chalazion disappears on their own within several days to weeks, but some take several months to vanish.  A warm compress or hot towel can speed up the drainage of the bump as well as a prescription for an eye drop or an ointment.  Please see a doctor if an infection occurs which most likely will result in a prescription for an oral antibiotic.  If the chalazion persists or increases due to swelling, surgery may be required.  Local anesthesia is used for older children and adults, while general anesthesia is administered to young children.

Chalazion Prevention

You should introduce a daily cleansing routine to your child to prevent a chalazion or to reduce the chances for a new one to occur.  A baby shampoo or a pre-moistened eyelid cleansing wipe are recommended especially in the case blepharitis, which is the major cause of a chalazion.  A blepharitis is a chronic inflammation of oil gland openings.  Eyelid rubbing is a major factor in the formation of blepharitis so daily hygiene is a must.

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