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Your Child’s First Eye Examination

Your child’s first pair of lenses is an exciting time in his life!

Good vision is fundamental when it comes to performing well in school. Your child is beginning to become comfortable with letters and numbers, and needs to grasp this foundation in order to achieve success in the future of his/her education. An estimated 1 out of 4 school-aged children have vision problems, which in turn can affect their success in school. If your child has been vocalizing symptoms, it’s time for an eye exam.  Even if your child does not notice a problem, other reasons to have them evaluated are 1) failing a vision screening (around age 4) done either at school or by the pediatrician, and 2) a family history of glasses or other eye problems at a young age.

The good news is that you’ve come to the right place to have your child’s vision assessed. At Pediatric Eye Care of Maryland, we’re committed to providing complete, compassionate, and timely eye care for your little trooper. Our certified ophthalmologists are here to ensure your child’s examination goes as smoothly as possible, and have a few suggestions for the parents as well.

Be Present

It’s important for you to be present for your child’s examination. This may seem like an obvious request, but it’s necessary for ensuring that your child feels comfortable and safe. Your child needs an authority figure in the room that they know and trust. The doctor needs to be able to complete the exam in the smoothest and safest fashion. When your child feels safe and relaxed, the eye exam will be a quick and painless procedure!

Calm Your Child

A doctor’s visit can be a daunting time for a child, and your little one might be afraid of the tools used for the exam. There are ways you can calm them down in the event that they do become scared or uneasy, and you know how better than anyone does. It could be their favorite stuffed animal, or a song they enjoy, whatever it is that sooths your child be sure to bring it with you to their exam.

Congratulate the Little Warrior

Get them excited for the prospect of glasses by showing up to the appointment with a positive and upbeat attitude. How you hold yourself can dictate how your child is going to react to the situation. Give them positive reinforcements during their exam to maintain an optimistic attitude.  

If they need a pair of glasses to wear, let them pick a style they are excited about! This is their chance to assert their individuality and to be proud of the glasses that are prescribed to them. If a child chooses their own glasses, they’re more likely to get in the habit of wearing them. Congratulate them on their choice, and keep the positivity up through their vision journey.

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