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3 Tips To Stop The Spread of Conjunctivitis

Prevent the spread of pink eye with these simple tips!

Prevent the spread of pink eye with these simple tips!

When you have a child, you tend to always worry about them especially if you notice that one of their eyes are red and inflamed.  Conjunctivitis, referred to as pink eye, is a common infection found in children and even some adults.   If you have caught pink eye as a result of a bacteria or virus, it is highly contagious.  In this case, make an appointment with an eye doctor immediately and take the proper precautions to stop the spread of the virus.   

Wash Your Hands

The best way to prevent the spread of pinkeye is to wash your hands with soap and warm water immediately after touching your face.  It is important to wash your hands before and after cleaning the infected area.  This also goes for anyone that is caring for someone with pinkeye.

Keep Your Eyes Clean

This might be obvious, but it is crucial to keep your eyes as clean as possible when diagnosed with conjunctivitis.  It is very common for a mucus discharge to build up around the eyes, so this should be cleaned with a wet washcloth or a disposable cotton ball.  Remember to to wash the rag with a warm water detergent and throw the cotton ball away after use.  This mucus discharge turns into crust when you sleep, so make sure to clean your eyes after waking up in the morning.  Then clean your sheets and pillow cases with warm water and detergent.  

Do Not Share

When you have viral conjunctivitis, do not share any personal items such as makeup, brushes, eyeglasses, towels, etc.  You should even stop using makeup if you have contagious pinkeye and if you do want to use it, discard of the product after use.  You should also avoid or limit wearing any eyewear to not irritate the infected area.  If you do choose to wear eyewear, thoroughly cleanse them after you recover from pinkeye.  Be cautious when injecting anything into your eyes even your medicated eyedrops.  

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